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Stay Home and Start Your Tea Business
by "Lady" Dawnya Sasse
Imagine sitting down in front of your computer in the morning with a hot cup of tea and discovering that while you were sleeping, your business brought in thousands of dollars!

Whether your goal is to spend more time with the family, avoid a long and costly commute, or to have more control over one's work life, home based businesses are growing.

Many people may not realize that a tea business is a perfect opportunity to run from home. You can run a home-based tea business without excessive pressure to sell (as is the case with many sales and marketing schemes) and with an added benefit of options and creativity.

For those wishing to work from home in the tea business, an online store may be a the perfect way to go, and is definitely a strong starting point. More and more people are joining the Internet and online shopping is a preferred method for many people.

You no longer have to leave the house only to find out that the store does not have what you are looking for, or wait in long lines if it does. Shoppers appreciate the convenience of the online experience as much as retailers.

If you conduct your business well, you can create a niche for yourself (this can be something as simple as being the best-informed tea expert available), and if you provide quality service, you can develop a very successful online business.

Further, if you sell loose teas (or a combination of loose and prepackaged), the markup is large so you can realize profits quickly.

The start-up costs for operating a home based tea business are also minimal, especially when compared to running a tearoom or tea bar that requires rent (and you can write off part of your home payment as a business expense). 

If you will be keeping inventory, you will need to stock a reasonable amount and have enough storage space. You may also be able to work out an agreement with a wholesaler to have teas shipped directly from the producer, which makes your storage needs even smaller.

Developing a website will be your greatest expense if you are running an Internet-only business. It is worth spending the money to hire professionals who can develop an attractive site and help you with marketing strategies to bring business to your site.

Even so, the cost of a quality website will still be lower than the cost of starting a tearoom or retail store.

Another option to consider is hosting tea parties for both children and adults. This side of the business is very popular, fun, and creative. You can arrange parties to best fit your schedule and host as many or as few as you wish.

You can have parties in your own home or take your party "on the road. (see our course www.ChildrensTeaParty.com)

Another alternative is in-home tea presentations, where you host a tea party for your adult friends. In this setting, people can sample a variety of teas without the need or pressure to buy the tea.

You can then sell teas based on taste and demand. Your customers will have sampled the teas before purchase, which greatly increases the rate of satisfaction.

This is also a great way to introduce people to unusual teas that they might not ever sample otherwise. What a wonderful service to offer!

People like buying from those they know and as the local tea expert, you can educate potential clients on the wonderful world of tea.

The tea business is a growing one, with sales in the billions of dollars each year and expanding, with sales expected to reach ten billion by 2010.

For those looking for a unique way to work from home, a tea business can provide the creativity and flexibility many require of a home based business.

(C) Dawnya Sasse - 2007


Lady Dawnya Sasse, is author of the world's first online tea business programs entitled "Start a Tea Business" and "Start A Children's Tea Party Business."  To learn more about her online classes and to sign up for her FREE Tea Radio Broadcasts visit her site at www.TeaEvents.com

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